ISSN: 2459-1777 | E-ISSN 2587-0394
Volume : 3 Issue : 2 Year : 2024
Beyoglu Eye Journal Persistent Subretinal Fluid: Wait or Treat? [Beyoglu Eye J]
Beyoglu Eye J. 2018; 3(2): 99-100 | DOI: 10.14744/bej.2018.86580

Persistent Subretinal Fluid: Wait or Treat?

Ertugrul Tan Yassa1, Berker Bakbak2
1Department of Ophthalmology, Asya Eye Medical Centre, Istanbul, Turkey
2Department of Ophthalmology, Selcuk University Faculty of Medicine, Konya, Turkey

Persistent subretinal fluid (SRF) may occur even after successful surgery for rhegmatogenous retinal detachment (RRD). In most cases, persistent SRF resolves spontaneously within a year, but persistent SRF may cause poor central vision, photoreceptor damage, and the irreversible loss of visual function. Therefore, a variety of interventions have been developed to manage persistent SRF, including the prophylactic use of steroids. As far as we know, an intravitreal steroid injection has never been used in the treatment of persistent SR. This report is a description of steroid treatment used in the case of a 46-year-old male patient with SRF persisting for 15 months after pars plana vitrectomy surgery for the treatment of macula-off RRD. A single-dose intravitreal triamcinolone acetonide (IVTA) injection (4 mg/0.1 mL) was administered; however, no improvement was seen in the lesions. It was concluded that an IVTA injection should be used in a limited fashion in patients with persistent SRF.

Keywords: Persistent subretinal fluid, rhegmatogenous retinal detachment, visual dysfunction.

Ertugrul Tan Yassa, Berker Bakbak. Persistent Subretinal Fluid: Wait or Treat?. Beyoglu Eye J. 2018; 3(2): 99-100

Corresponding Author: Ertugrul Tan Yassa, Türkiye
Manuscript Language: English
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