ISSN: 2459-1777 | E-ISSN 2587-0394
Volume : 9 Issue : 1 Year : 2024
Beyoglu Eye Journal Beyoglu Eye Journal - Beyoglu Eye J: 9 (1)
Volume: 9  Issue: 1 - 2024
1.A Systematic Review of Cyclophotocoagulation Techniques: Continuous Wave Versus Micropulse for Glaucoma Treatment
Christopher Andrean Putra Johansyah, Leliana Bambang
PMCID: PMC10944853  doi: 10.14744/bej.2024.47123  Pages 1 - 7

2.Understanding the Etiopathogenesis of Non-Arteritic Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy with Laboratory Findings
Neslişah Kutlu Uzakgider, Seda Karaca Adiyeke, Hasan Aytogan
PMCID: PMC10944851  doi: 10.14744/bej.2023.09815  Pages 8 - 13

3.Choroid and Retinal Effects of Epilepsy and Epilepsy Subgroups
Isil Merve Torun, Taha Baysal, Mirac Aysen Unsal, Murat Sonmez
PMCID: PMC10944848  doi: 10.14744/bej.2023.19942  Pages 14 - 19

4.Treatment of Infantile Esotropia – Comparison Between Botulinum Toxin A and Bilateral Medial Rectus Recession
Cagri Mutaf, Bulut Ocak, Asli Inal, Leyla Hazar, Birsen Gokyigit
PMCID: PMC10944856  doi: 10.14744/bej.2024.90958  Pages 20 - 25

5.Assessing the Efficacy of the PAUL Glaucoma Implant in Pseudoexfoliative Glaucoma
Ali Olgun, Murat Karapapak
PMCID: PMC10944855  doi: 10.14744/bej.2024.96729  Pages 26 - 32

6.Complete Blood Cell Count-Derived Inflammation Biomarkers in Patients with Xanthelasma Palpebrarum
Sule Berk Ergun, Busra Kurt
PMCID: PMC10944854  doi: 10.14744/bej.2024.48802  Pages 33 - 37

7.Surgical Outcomes in Congenital Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction After Probing Failure: A One-Stage Approach
Murat Oklar, Seyhan Kocabas, Mehmet Can Ozen, Ozlen Rodop Ozgur
PMCID: PMC10944852  doi: 10.14744/bej.2024.74384  Pages 38 - 47

8.A Multicentric Cross-Sectional Observational Study to Analyze the Effects of Moderate High Altitude on Ocular Health
Vibhuti Maria, Sanat Kumar Khanna, Richa Chaudhary, Saurabh Maheshwari
PMCID: PMC10944850  doi: 10.14744/bej.2023.81557  Pages 48 - 54

9.Bilateral Iris Metastasis in a Patient with Small Cell Lung Carcinoma: A Case Report
Mukaddes Damla Ciftci, Sinan Ezirmik, Banu Yaman, Melis Palamar
PMCID: PMC10944849  doi: 10.14744/bej.2023.39200  Pages 55 - 58

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